Fiesty, Feminine, and Fed-Up

Senate bill taking away gender specific terms wife and husband?

I am proud to be called a wife and  mother, and feel my value and worth as a woman is disintegrating in the view of Government.  The majority of the American population has been bullied into silence for fear of being labeled sexist or a bigot. It seems to me that what some would like to do is explain away human reproduction facts and replace it with something akin to the "big bang" theory. This is an aggressive  attempt to dumb down an impotent audience. I am a Christian, but this insults dearly loved friends and family that do not adhere to any specific religious beliefs.

I have breasts that have nourished children, and made me an unlikely contestant for Miss America, and  that is ok with me. My womb has provided a home for 6 children. I wear their "footprints"  proudly on my stomach and thighs. If stretchmarks are offensive to you as a woman, I can give you a days notice for when I will be sunbathing next. You do not have to be present. My body tells my children they are worth sacrifice. There is nothing humiliating about that.  If you want to enroll in the military to be praised for your sacrifice, go ahead and get some battle wounds. Honor will be given where honor is due. My body has not only expressed love to my husband, but it preciously and selflessly held his seed until the time of birth. It nourished his children and let go of the vain  pursuit of keeping a 15 year old body.

Not every woman hates the role of wife and mother. Not every woman thinks men just want to use them for their body. If you think that, I suggest you stop hanging out with creeps, and stop looking at television. Develop  a base of friends that are not sexist. If you hate being called a piece of meat, please do all of us a favor and stop using your body as a way of manipulation. That is called hypocrisy.

If marriage offends you, don't get married. I am not ashamed to say that my family is my main goal in life. My husband is unique and benefits from the differences I bring. My children are not an extension of me, but rather, they are individuals that need nurturing and care to grow into responsible adults that will reproduce and hopefully pass down desirable qualities to my grandchildren. I will be called Grandmama and not offended at the "stigma" of that name. It will date me and cause some to think I am old. Again, that is ok, because if I am half the grandmother  the two I had were, I will be passing down strength, wisdom and character to the next generation. My husband has an equally needed influence on my children that cannot  be replaced by 50 butch women. (sorry to all my butch friends, but you have breasts and cried with me like any other woman in intimate moments) He offers strength and determination in the face of crisis and conflict. He models the protector and provider to my children.

I am not a girly girl that is squeamish over blood or faints at the notion of baiting a hook or skinning a buck. I would rather go to a class on how to rebuild a motor or build a house than how to apply make-up or decorate. I have stared men in the face and opposed them not doubting my ability to physically take them down.  But, when there is a bump in the night, despite all my stereotypical manly characteristics, my children gp get Daddy.

My four year old showed his daddy a paper cut and Daddy, told him to man-up and go play outside. (they had been running in and out) Before he made his exit, he made a pit stop to  Mommy. He held his finger up and  I mustered the strength to make a stern face and say "go outside, you will be ok." He looked at me confused and held his finger at a different angle.
"Do you see it Mommy?"
My heart rebelled against Daddy's mandate and kissed the finger. Daddy smiled at the softness, and delighted to see the immediate satisfaction on a four year olds face. Lil' man was equipped with compassion and ready to go back outside. My husbands flirtatious glances made me proud to be different than him and significant in the family dynamic. I am not embarrassed that I am female and relate to others differently than a male.

The same four year old was a mama's boy. He was very clingy and always wanted to nurse. He had more intelligence than mainstream media when he was 8 months old. He was flopping all over me one day on the couch. He wanted to use me as a pacifier and was tugging at my shirt. His daddy tried to distract him and stop his whining. He said,  "Sammy, look daddy has boobies." Sammy looked at his daddy's chest and attempted to brush the chest hair off. He shook his head "no" and flopped back on mommy. He knew who mommy was and what daddy could not provide.

If you wish to ask the majority of mothers if they had children out of cultural pressure to conform to "tradition", I think you will find they did not. If you ask them if they cuddle because of cultural pressure , you will find they have a natural desire to show love to their children. Many women that do struggle with showing physical love, have often been sexually abused and feel guilty because of their inability, not their lack of desire. Others did not have an affectionate father in the home and succumbed to an earnest need to be touched, and had sex at an early age. This perverts their view of touch and reduces their ability to express physical love to their children. Young men that did not have a father model affectionate touching, will be less likely to show that to their children. But, the failures of past generations should not dictate the right of parents to choose to be happy in a traditional family structure. It definitely is not reason to quiet or shame mothers and fathers that have humbly submitted to their role in pro-creating.

If you don't like to be Susie homemaker, don't be. Stop telling the woman or man that decides to stay home and pour into a child instead of pursuing a career that their efforts are useless. Most husbands that are 'take control' personality types marry a woman that doesn't want control. A passive man generally marries a Strong woman. Husband and wife have been going against media fed stereotypes for a long time. Each difference  is  needed to contribute to a well rounded family. Bruce Jenner could have neither been a father or mother if it was not for his wife's womb. She honored her husband, received his seed, and birthed his children. That is courageous.

I like to make beautiful things with my children, and my husband takes them fishing and teaches them to fight and defend the weak. My husband handles aggressive people where I mediate in conflict. He likes to look at me, and l like to dress up for him. I don't wear make-up all the time and he says I am just as beautiful. He  says I'm sexy when  I get fired up and feisty.   I am not ashamed to be his girl or him my man. He is my husband and I am his wife.

Ever wonder why domestic violence is higher in same sex relationships? There is a saying:

"We are so much alike, we bump heads a lot."

If this were about equality and the right to life, you would think the next step would be to give a voice to the unborn, but instead their is a push to sterilize  families. The desire to take away terms such as husband and wife is a blatant admission that the marriage equality bill did not work. Two women can't be husband and wife and instead of accepting that, they wish to take what they can't have. 

The truth is  the world knows this ain't ever going to work. Real husbands and wives with children running around screaming "Mommy, Daddy" reveals the insignificance of investing in a same sex relationship.  For life to continue, we need heterosexual relationships. They are insulted at the humble submission to biology. But in order for them to walk confidently in their deluded feeling of superiority they must strip both sexes of their important and unique contributions to life.

It's called jealousy .  I think, "don't covet" covers that one pretty well.

I think I am going to wear a dress tomorrow and maybe take a crocheting class. I might learn how to crochet a cute gun holster.