Women's Healthcare is in Jeopardy: Where will we get our Mammograms?

In light of recent statements that women's healthcare is in danger if Planned Parenthood is defunded, citizens called their offices all over the country to see if they could schedule a mammogram today. I called and asked about more than a mammogram. I found out that women's healthcare is in jeopardy and it is Planned Parenthood's fault.

Our first video up, is the nationally viewed Miss America Pageant. Miss Tennessee showed how awfully ignorant she was in stating that Planned Parenthood did mammograms. But, I won't knock her, Miss Colorado stated she thought Ellen DeGeneres should be the woman put on the ten dollar bill. This is because she had no historical knowledge of any other woman, and bless her heart, her generation has been saturated in pop culture. Maybe the pageant should start the screenings with questions first before beauty. THAT WAY THEY WILL KNOW IF IT IS SAFE TO ASK SOME OF THESE BARBIES TO THINK.

We then have Hillary Clinton stating that if Planned Parenthood is defunded, the majority of people that will be affected are poor women.





I called Planned Parenthood a few weeks back to find out how much this so called birth control was, and I was saddened by many things that people will sheepishly believe unless they take the initiative to call and find out themselves.

  • Planned Parenthood would like for you to leave a message with their answering service if you have an emergency related to your recent abortion, and all other emergencies should just call 911.
  • Walk-ins are only welcome if you are desiring emergency contraception.
  • If you want birth control, you get to see a nurse only two days out of the week, and it is going to cost you 85$.

That was a few weeks ago when I spoke with the local office, but since the recent controversy and people being encouraged to debunk Planned Parenthoods Public Relations Lies,  they have made a change into how they funnel calls. It goes to a phone bank, although they still have local numbers. Many people were encouraged by http://abortionworker.com to call today and report their findings. I participated, but also asked other questions. I recently had bladder issues and saw on the Columbia SC advert for Planned Parenthood that they also help with UTI's; so, I asked a sweet girl named, RoseMary if I could schedule an appointment to be treated for a UTI. She informed me it would be exactly one week before they could see me, but what is interesting is I could go as a walk in for emergency contraception. Call me old fashioned, but a baby is not an infection, but a blessing, and a UTI is bad news if not treated. The visit, RoseMary told me, would cost anywhere between 85 to 230$!

Next up, I asked her if I could schedule a mammogram along with my UTI check, and she informed me that unfortunately they do not do mammograms, but could do a breast exam. I asked how much extra that would cost, and she told me that she did not know because that was generally in their annual visit "package". Wow! So how much is an annual check up at Planned Parenthood for all those poor women that don't have insurance? ............


I told her that was a bit too hefty for me, and I needed to call my local doctor. You know what? Not even 10 miles down the road instead of 45 miles to a planned parenthood, I could have been seen today for 80$, and that is 5$ less than Planned Parenthood, and if I was worried, he would have done a breast exam if need be. No extra charge. 80$ is their office visit charge. I called Doctor's Care to see what an annual visit would cost for all of those poor women that do not have a primary caregiver, and found that they only charge 125$. That is their office visit fee., and one could argue that it is more than planned parenthood, but sweet ol' RoseMary could only give me a ballpark figure of 80-215, so I would say Doctor's Care is in the lower part of that ballpark, and they take walk ins. I found out why Planned Parenthood only does birthcontrol visits two days out of the week, and that is because the other days are notched out for abortions. I thought Planned Parenthood's abortion services only made up about 3% of all services offered. Why do they block out so many days for abortions and make it so difficult for poor women to get this cheap birth control only on two days a week.

That last video, Hillary Clinton stated that poor women would be the most affected by planned parenthood being defunded. I think Hillary Clinton is not in touch with reality. She has a very good health care package, so maybe she does not know what affordable health care looks like. This reminded me of a movie. You can move it up to the one minute mark and see what I'm talking about......... I don't think Hillary Clinton knows how much a gallon of milk costs.

The bottom line is, that women's physical and mental health is in jeopardy, and we have people like Hillary Clinton, Cecile Richards, and Dr. Nutcola to blame. Planned Parenthood would rather you call their answering service if you are having an abortion emergency than get immediate attention. They charge a doctor's visit price for a nurse to write a prescription for birth control, and would rather offer walk in emergency contraception access than treat a UTI. Please for the sake of women across America, don't repeat political lies for an industry that has been found to break laws and get away with it.