Fostering Family is Free


  • encourage or promote the development of (something, typically something regarded as good).
  • develop (a positive feeling or idea) in oneself.
  • .bring up (rear, raise)
  • synonyms:encourage, promote, further, stimulate, advance, forward, cultivate, nurture, strengthen, enrich;

  • antonyms: suppress, neglect

What did families do before the buffet of entertainment options? In fact, most of the world's population is not saturated with electronic devices and media. They are considered the underprivileged. and yet studies show they have a deeper sense of family. White children in American foster care, are considered special needs after the age of 2 because of the small chance of them being adopted. Whites may have more income and abilities, but when it comes to them keeping their family out of orphanages, they don't. Black families take care of their own and go out of their way to take care of "family."  Those with more money, and higher education have the smaller amount of children, if any.

The more money and education you have, I guess you have to devote more time to handling that money, and pursuing that career that comes with the education. But the truth is there are more underprivileged, than elite, and if the media, and commercials are geared towards gleaning money from the rich, how do we learn to foster family when so much of the world today says "do what makes you feel good"? With so much access to the world and "socializing" you would think we would not feel lonely, but again, studies show that we are the loneliest generation. Depression and suicide is off the charts.

It looks like our lack of fostering has caused the opposite. Antonyms of foster are to suppress or neglect. So, in order to combat the loneliness, depression, and suicide we need to cultivate  encourage and promote a real sense of acceptance and inclusion. That takes place in family. There is no drug, extracurricular activity, or special interest group that can take the place of love in a healthy family. It is free and can be practiced anywhere.

If you are single with no family or an orphan, God has and will provide a place of fellowship with love in the local church body. Pray ask and him to direct you and he will lead you to the family of God. If you have family and find that you have been cultivating, promoting, and encouraging your own sense of self while neglecting your family, today is a new day. Get over your anger that you got looked over the promotion at work and rejoice you have a very special place of affection and need within your family. Stop worrying about who said what to you on facebook, and look into the face of your mom and dad. Remember their face will never look like that again. They will get older, and so will you. If you never talk to them and find out what makes them special, you won't be able to treat others special.

Go for a walk. Tell a joke and sing songs. Give eye contact. Give a hug. Never underestimate the power of a smile. Throw away the thoughts that cause you to frown. If you give don't model desirable characteristics in the role you play in your family, why would others want to reproduce or have a family of their own? Statistics show a huge trend in our modern society had decided to forego getting married, and put off having children. We need to get back to the basics of love. It's free!