My 60th Blog Entry Comes with a Testimoney

When I first became a Christian, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Everything was new to me, and it was kind of like being in a new country with a different culture. I was open for anything and wanted to learn whatever I could. I read my bible for the first time with eyes wide open, and I listened to as many preachers and teachings as possible. That is when I found out that Christians have a calling.

I wanted to know my calling, and how I was supposed to serve God in this great big world of his. Fasting had been something that was new to me, and friend had just given me a book on the subject. It was a small book but it taught on importance of fasting. I was so excited about what I had learned in the book, I wanted to fast , but didn't know what to fast about. I pondered and came up with fasting on knowing how God was going to use me. I had only fasted two meals when the Lord put in my heart that he wanted me to write. I loved to write and teachers told me to pursue that as a career, but life happened, and I stopped writing for a long time.  I started back after that breakthrough with the Lord.  There were times that I wrote and God used it, but many times I let insecurities and pride keep me from doing what God told me to do. The pride comes from fear of failure and rejection.

Last year God began to stir in my heart the need to be a good steward of the gift he gave me.  I have read, prayed, and researched on writing. I took a step of faith and began this spring . As of right now, it is not a revenue earning website, and my readership is small. Although I partner with Amazon, and Google, it is not bringing anything in yet, and I pay for webhosting. I could have gone the free route, but in order for the page to do what I wanted, I would have had to spend a lot more time knowing code for programming, and I have other responsibilities, so I am paying to write. I have battled the past few weeks to continue writing and have faith. Each email reminder from an affiliate has sparked doubt about if I should continue writing.

I had hopes that I would be making enough at least to pay for the costs of running the website. I prayed to the Lord about this and he prompted me to look at my investment as an offering in faith. That comforted me a bit and strengthened my faith, but then when I got emails saying "you need to get people to buy our products or we can't be your partner" I was taken back a little. Then, when it seemed as if everything was unraveling, I was surprised with a gift. I was given a vehicle. My husband works long hours and my suburban has been out of commission. We don't have the funds to buy another car at the moment.

 There was no way, that I would have imagined that this part time venture would have earned enough in 100 days to buy a new car, but this week I was blessed with a vehicle I could not afford, and desperately needed. It isn't just a vehicle to get me around, but it is a nice comfortable family friendly grocery getter. It could only have been the Lord, because it is everything I would want if I were being picky. I have driven a yellow ugly suburban for years because I can't stand the thought of driving a mini-van , have too big of a family for a car, and it was affordable. I am not a typical girl, am known to haul things, and my first love is a truck. That is not realistic for me, but I ended up with a hybrid of sorts that matches my non typical girly preference. It  is an SUV with AWD and is my color.


So although this blog entry marks a milestone for me, I hope it encourages you to keep the faith in what you are doing for the Lord. Keep sowing, and see what you will reap. Keep seeking, and see what will open before you. God loves his children, and gives us the desires of our heart. He gave you gifts to utilize them for his Kingdom.

Thank you to all that faithfully read, and have supported me on this venture. I appreciate you!