Hard, embarrassing, questions you would never ask your mother in law, you are afraid to ask your pastor, and know you should write a book about when you find the answer.

Ask a question. Any question. We all have different experiences at different times in our life. Let us know where you are on your journey. Contact us if you are too broke to afford counseling, google suggestions have given you a personality disorder,  or your adventure in faith, still has some questions.

Ask a flunky!


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Send an email with your question. It will be answered from a personal, biblical viewpoint (not to be taken as licensed professional help) We listen to understand and not to answer. If we don't know, we will send you links to resources and books that might help.


When I became a Jesus flunky, I had questions I was too embarrassed to ask. The embarrassment was instigated by stereotypes I was taught from society or culture. Fear of being judged for not knowing the right answer. " I'm a Christian after all, shouldn't I know this?"  Embarrassed because my life was so tangled before I found Jesus, I thought no one would understand.

Reality Check:
God is not the Author of confusion or fear. What do you need untangled?
Friends come and go, some should go, and some will remain.
Your marriage isn't perfect. It is okay to ask for help or wisdom.
Your children are not angels and you aren't a perfect parent, ask for prayer or support.
There is a difference between submission and subjection. Abuse is not biblical.
There is a difference between religion and relationship. Are you confused as to what God expects and what man expects?