The Most Romantic Love Letter

Stop looking for ways to be more desirable, and come to terms that you are altogether lovely in the eyes of your Lover. He has written you a love letter, and it is the most romantic piece of truth you need to hear. It will give you butterflies, and waken the princess inside you.  Take a bubble bath, do your nails, put on your favorite outfit cause the King is enthralled with your beauty and has written a love letter to you. Read this in private, and read it more than once. Read it until you can see the worth of your grey hairs, and the beauty in your body that was created by him.



My Darling,

I delighted in the thought of you before I met you.  I am ravished by you and I know you better than you know yourself. I know your sadness and catch each tear that falls from your beautiful cheek. Although your heart has been used, scattered and torn, I will gather you to myself and I will mend and heal you. Even if the world abandons you I will never leave you or forget you. You are unforgettable.

I am angry with anyone who wishes your harm.  I'm giving you a crown of beauty, joyous blessing and festive praise. In your anguish, I will lift you up and carry you. When you suffer, I suffer; therefore, I will rescue you. My delight is to watch you sleep peacefully, confident in my love for you. Charming women have not deceived me, and because you are  the apple of my eye, no vain or beautiful woman can obtain my affections. You surpass them all and are worth more than rubies.

 I know you're comings and your goings I am acquainted with all of your ways and in your darkest days I am with you. There is no where you can go to get away from my love. I will pursue you to the ends of the earth and my right hand will hold you. I think of you all the time, and you couldn't count all the precious thoughts I have about you. I  can't get you off of my mind!

 You say you are not as beautiful as other women but you're the most beautiful and greatly desired. You are beautiful beyond words  A glance of your eyes, excites me; they are innocent and peaceful. You are a hidden flower I enjoy searching out. Your face is lovely and your voice is pleasant. Your hair reminds me of the ocean, and I am held captive by your tresses. Your smile is flawless your lips are scarlet ribbon, sweet as nectar and your mouth is inviting. Honey and milk are under your tongue. You are all together beautiful my darling, and in every way you have captured my heart. My treasure, my bride, your love is more intoxicating than wine and better than any high. You are my private garden, a secluded spring, and hidden mountain. My queenly maiden, when I look at you I am delighted with how beautiful you are, and satisfied. You are full of delights.

My love for you is fierce and strong; I cannot let you go. The strings of my heart to yours are ropes intertwined with hope, kindness, and love. . I burn with desire for our love and will pursue you ardently. I will not stop praying for you until you're righteousness shines like the dawn and your salvation blazes like a burning torch. I will hold you in my hand, proud you are my bride and delight. You are a splendid crown in my hand and I have claimed you as mine. You are my bride.

I know you so well I know what you want before you ask. All will see the richness and splendor of our love. People speak of your radiance because my love is going to make you glow. Your eyes will shine and your heart will thrill with joy. I will fill you with splendor. My love is so strong and powerful, each morning we will be filled with joy as we wake together singing love songs. My love for you is so strong it will light our life together with no need for the sun or moon. My love is unfailing. No power in the sky above or in the earth below, nothing in all of creation will ever be able to separate you from my love. I love you so much I gave my life to die for you and make a way for you to come to me, my darling my bride my sister. I lay down my life for you and you will be beautiful forever.

 You can be confident I will protect you and our home to be a place of refuge. I will delight you and we will have the best conversations. I will not make you ashamed to be my bride; you can hold your head high. you can trust me to do good to you all the days of your life. I love you and will always be faithful. I will never flatter you but will speak with truth in love for our relationship to grow. I will go beyond your highest expectations. Everlasting joy will be yours. My promise to you is eternal. I will never lie to you. Because I love you, I can't keep still. My heart yearns for you; I cannot remain silent; I roar like a lion  for the love I have for you. 

I will be patient with you I will always be gentle and never rude. I will keep nope record of your wrongs. I will not be irritable with you or demand my own way. Nothing can keep you from my love, not death nor life neither angels nor demons, not your fears for today or your worries about tomorrow, not even the powers of hell can separate you from my love. No power in the sky above or in the earth below. Nothing in all of creation will ever be able to separate you from my love. I will make you my wife forever showing you righteousness, justice, unfailing love , and compassion. I have endured all things , hoped and never given up on you.  I will be faithful to you and you will be mine.

 Rise up my darling; come away  with me my fair one. Listen and hear my heart. Trust me. Give yourself to me and I will show you the way to go. I'm speaking to your heart and  I want to hear you respond "here I am come to me." I do not desire to master you or lord over you. I desire to be one with you and be called your friend, brother, and lover.

I will come to you and we will share in a river of delight. Forget those that have refused you. I cannot comprehend why one would abandon you. Even if the mountains and hills be removed, my covenant with you can never be removed. I have called you to drink from me. Come my precious, speak to me and let me hear your voice. Your call to me will be sweeter than perfume and incense.

Your Beloved


P.S. Please share this with the Leah's, Abigails, Tammarahs, and  the Ruths. The widows and abandoned. The divorced, and unloved wives that have been forgotten. God cares deeply about them. He wants to set their heart on fire, so that they can come joyfully into his private chambers and receive the love and gentleness he intended to them to have.


This love letter was sealed with the king's approval on the Cross with the death of Jesus. While we were an adulterous lover, he died for us. He cleansed us and made a way for us to be unashamed. You may find the promises in his book of Love.

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