Womb, Uterus,Choice, Life, Baby, Fetus and Sterlizing a Nation's Moral Compass.

Desensitizing began long ago to make murder of the innocent more acceptable. Uterus, Choice, Fetus, Specimen, and Embryo are some of the many words that make it easier for us to turn a blind eye, or feel more comfortable about our decisions. The Center For Medical Progress has at the least, opened up a new conversation with some new words for us to use when debating the morality of abortion. They are in the news for releasing video footage of their three year long investigation into Stem Express, and Planned Parenthood. Where is your moral compass? Does its needle point to wherever the media directs, or do you think for yourself?

What are these new words the pro-choice camp is using?


Don't believe me? Watch the video.

Now, media protects abortionist, and repeats their sterile words stating fact. But, if you have been curious and watched the videos, you see the personnel use these words in their own facility.  You can actually translate these words into something different to make it easier to eat at the dinner table.

"Specimens are donated of the fetus by the consent of our Clients."

Now, doesn't that sound much better? Oh you can replace "fetus" with "clump of cells" or maybe even "embryo" if you like.

The meaning of the sentence is much  more truthful though, if you say:

"Heart, lungs, livers, eyeballs and legs showing us the sex of babies can be found in a colander after the Mother allows us to dismember it and then we can donate them for research."

Cecil Richards said in an interview, "We have five at the most, that are set up and donate tissue." Dr. Grinde, in Colorado stated that they see 18 as an average each day. Assuming that they see patients 5 days a week,  and only half of those abortions produce usable specimens, let's see what kind of income these five affiliates might make off the aborting of a baby in a given week.

  225 (5 affiliates/9 babies/5 days a week)
x500$ (heart,lung,liver, eyeballs,legs @100 per specimen)

there are how many weeks in a year? Ok, to be fair, let's give them two weeks vacation.


A number in long form has a deeper impact, so let me spell that out for you....

FIVE MILLION SIX HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR$ is a modest fee to recuperate the cost of planned parenthood allowing sub-contractors to sift through their bio waste. Shame on the general publics outrage over Planned Parenthood and demanding defunding.

Ok, so there was Dr. Nutcola that suggested a price on paper should maybe look like 35$, so in all fairness and for us not to look like "terrorist," we need to do the numbers with that low price. That way, other execs wont be able to get a lamborginni!

   225 (5 affiliates, 9 babies, 5 days a week)
x 175 (heart, lungs, livers, eyeballs35$ per specimen)
39,375$  a week in profit off medical waste or babies.

           50 (weeks)
x 39,375$

I did the larger sum per specimen, so you could feel more at ease with the
Planned Parenthood makes off of "donating" baby body parts for research.

Strong's has the Hebrew word for WOMB listed as this:

tender love, great, tender mercy, pity, womb, compassion (in the plural); by extension, the womb (as cherishing the fetus); by implication, a maiden -- bowels, compassion, damsel, tender love, (great, tender) mercy, pity, womb.

It is interchangeable for the word love or compassion.

Fetus, comes from Latin fetus meaning "offspring"

 Embryo, means "young one" in Greek.

So maybe embryo doesn't sound to soft and cuddly with our vernacular being English, but in Greek, it means young one or little feller, wee baby, little guy.

I saw someone speak of the lion that was hunted recently lamenting over the offspring not surviving, and thought how awful it was that these people could recognize the life of lion offspring, but say a human fetus is not life. I  am sure the man in the video below, can use words such as pancreas, and eyeball to give you a better understanding of what is inside a womb.