What are the 7 pillars of Wisdom?

Purity, Peace, Gentleness, Entreatable, Full of Mercy, Impartial, Sincere...............

Wisdom from God is personified in the book of Proverbs as a Woman, that we are admonished to call a sister or sweet relative. We are told to hold on to her and seek her diligently. Proverbs is a collection of "Wise Sayings". Wisdom speaks to the common person, the rich, and poor. She says the foundation of her home is built on  Fear of the Lord. Then she tells us how it is built and it reveals to us that this home is permanent. It is  not a tent, that can easily be torn down. It is a place of refuge, favor and peace.

Proverbs 9:1 Wisdom has built her house; she has hewn out its seven pillars.

Mark Cartwright, a writer for Ancient History Encyclopedia, tells us of the history of pillars or columns. "The column was an architectural invention which allowed for the support of ceilings without the use of solid walls, thereby increasing the space which could be spanned by a ceiling, allowing the entrance of light and offering an alternative aesthetic to building exteriors,"

Why would God use pillars as an object lesson for the attributes of wisdom? It is interesting that in Mr. Cartwright's explanation for the use of columns that they  allowed for the entrance of light. Wisdom sheds light where there is confusion. Wisdom's house is not divided by walls that separate people, and is spacious enough for any that  wish to dine with her. What are the seven pillars of Wisdom?

 In the New Testament, we have a book commonly referred to as the book of wisdom written by James and it complements Proverbs in  many ways.

James 3:17. "But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, gentle, easy to be entreated , full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere."

pillars of wisdom

The number seven, in the bible, represents completeness or perfection. Perfect wisdom has seven pillars with the foremost pillar, being Purity.

Pure- not mixed with guilt or anything condemnable. Not harmful. In a condition prepared for worship.

The pillar that relieves lack from other pillars is purity. We may have never faced certain crisis', or studied in school for situations that demand wisdom in our life, but if we have a pure heart before God, it aids to our ability to hear from God on what to do. Being "in a condition prepared for worship" can at first glance seem like a take on the ceremonial laws in regards to temple worship, but it has a spiritual meaning. Ungratefulness, and bitterness can close off communication with God quickly and cloud your judgment. The Lord's prayer starts out with praise, and leads us right on in to confession.  Hidden sin can stifle your ability to believe God has wisdom for you because of guilt.  

Peaceable-disposed to peace and free from strife or quarrels.

Disposed to peace means your first choice is not to fight. That is coming into agreement with God's will for love to prevail and obeying his command to love your neighbor as yourself.

Gentle- fitting, suitable, mild.

I saw a  definition describing gentle as keeping the spirit of the law while relaxing strict standards. My daughter got into nail polish one time and knew she wasn't supposed to play with it. She painted everything in my bathroom, and herself. The paint burned her, and I had no idea how to get it off without using nail-polish remover. This intensified the burning irritation. There was no need for me to do any further discipline. I cleaned her up as gently as I could. I was sensitive to her pain and ached for my baby girl. I could see the gentleness had penetrated her heart. The way I handled it was "fitting." Clothes that fit right, make you comfortable while allowing you to move and does not hinder. Harsh soap can hurt more than benefit. Our correction should be mild enough to clean without doing damage.

Easy to be entreated- submissive, reasonableness, disposed to complying with request

Are you easy to be approached with request or problems? Does conflict make you run, or get angry when your way is not accepted? That is not a wise path to reconciliation. The ability to compromise fixes many problems and keeps pride away. Submission is not just for the ladies. The bible tells us to esteem others higher than ourselves, and submit one to another.

Full of Mercy with Good Fruit- pity or compassion coupled with physical expressions, compassionate treatment of or attitude towards an offender, a relieving or welcome occurrence or state of affairs  

You may say someone is forgiven, but your physical expression of that could be entirely different. Do you avoid them after they have offended you? Do you have compassion in word but not deed for the hungry or hurting?

Impartial-without uncertainty, wholehearted, undivided, not prejudice

Your love and actions are the same for all, and not held back based on cultures, skin, sex, or relationship. Are you just and fair in you dealings with all people in your realm of influence. Would others describe you as one that does not show favoritism?

Sincere- without hypocrisy, not phony, not fake,  sincere behavior without hidden agendas

Sensitive people can tell if someone is putting on pretense. The opposite of sincerity could be manipulation. Manipulation is only acting loving, or offering a gift in order to receive something in return. Do you flatter instead of complement? Do you lie in order to seem more agreeable, and avoid confrontation? 

James 3:17. "But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, gentle, easy to be entreated , full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere."

The bible says if anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask. James also says don't be silly and just listen to the word of God, but do it otherwise you are fooling yourself. James is not too long and helps divide our sinful nature from our spirit. God's will or ours. It is currently helping me polish some pillars and ask God to reinforce others that are blemished. Remember, wisdom should have a place of permanence in our minds, and is first and foremost pure. If any of these things have prompted  a pang in your conscience, rejoice! That is the Holy Spirit handing you a chisel  and pointing directly to the area that needs work. He isn't finished with us yet.