Unity? Is it possible?

There are  videos hinting at unity, but what about unity within the Church, across denominations? Have you seen the PBS Odd Animal Couple show? It is beautiful.

The bible speaks of a day when unity will be commonplace, and Fox news will socialize with CNN.  Well, not really.  ......... But, I want you to imagine sitting with someone totally opposite of you and feeling a sense of peace and love. When two people are at each others throat, or there is conflict between friends, I like to imagine the response when Jesus stands before them, and they are in awe. Titles and crowns will be thrown down in adoration of the loving Savior. His love is so powerful and righteousness so beautiful, it will permeate the heart with understanding of the true miracle of his payment for your sin. The mind will not be able to demand recompense for infractions against yourself. If he could forgive you, how could you not forgive the brother standing beside you in the presence of the Lamb? If you could build up an argument for cause to damn your brother to hell, could Jesus not do this for  you as well?  Gratitude will erupt, and love for your brother will overflow as you stand before Him. This is possible today. NOW.....

Tweet: The Bible speaks of a time when FoxNews will socialize with CNN. http://ctt.ec/DQ1bG+ The bible speaks of a time when FoxNews will socialize with CNN.


Isaiah 11:6
The wolf will live with the lamb,
    the leopard will lie down with the goat,
the calf and the lion and the yearling together;
    and a little child will lead them.

PBS has shown how this truly is possible.  No spiritual fluff and no intentional repentance took place before these animals, despite being predator and prey, formed an alliance or friendship. Animals are awesome, but humans have the ability to use self-control for the greater good. I tell my children to imagine when we are going to be able to cuddle up with the biggest Grizzly bear and rub his belly.  It always puts a smile on their face. I smile when I think of people coming together from different cultures, denominations and even political parties.

This week I will be writing about my heart that isn't  my original idea or vision. It is Jesus Christ'. He came in the spirit of reconciliation.  He is coming for a church that is without blemish and united. This Saturday, South Carolina is coming together and seeking God for the Nation. There is no prerequisite for reading a certain translation of bible, or if you have been submersed or sprinkled. The invitation is a call to believers to come together for one purpose. Can you lay down your differences for one Saturday?

It would make me smile......

You never know, you might make a habit out of it.

Saturday June 13 Charleston SC

Saturday June 13 Charleston SC

Do you plan on going to an event similar to this? Could you host something at your home to participate?