Who is burning Churches? It is not Southerners.

As of June 7 2015, three churches were burned and ruled as arson. News headlines start with "8 predominately black churches burn in the past two weeks" and slip in most were ruled as natural causes such as lightning, or faulty wiring. Two of the eight are not predominately black. The first church to burn on the 21st is said to be believed as vandalism. Experts are asking for calm and saying not to get in a frenzy. This isn't as bizarre as you would think.

The National Fire Protection Associations says:
Between 2007 and 2011, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 1,780 fires annually or 35 weekly at places of worship and funeral properties, the nonprofit fire safety group, stated in its latest report released in 2013. Of those fires, arsons accounted for 16 percent, or 280 fires a year, the NFPA reported.


If we were to believe media, Southern States have finally come out of their racist bigoted closet. Proud to burn churches of blacks, and kill their congregants. First things first...

I know there are religious folk lurking around the south that are racist, and aren't any closer to God than they are the Sun. These people of many different skin tones have what the bible says is a "form of Godlines but are pretty gravestones." But that also brings in old wives' tales and superstitions like not putting anything on a bible.

  1.  Dont write in it.
  2. Definitely don't burn it.
  3. You will die and go to hell if you put your hand on it and lie under oath.
  4. Do Not sin on church grounds
  5. Don't drink on Sunday, but any other day is fine
  6. Don't wear white to your wedding if you fornicated. 
  7. Thunder is the sound of God moving his furniture.

The list goes on. If for nothing but the fear of being stricken by God himself, I don't  think fools like that could get off of their rollercoaster of superstitions and beliefs to pull off burning a black church with good conscience (no matter how twisted that sounds) The same hate and contempt they have for a certain race, they have for family members, church members and co-workers that do not line up to their expectations. Those people are much more able to affect them in a positive or negative way, and therefore are going to be the target of these religious hate filled attacks verbally or physically.

That argument is weak, I know, but it is the truth. South Carolina wasn't voted most hospitable for no reason. It wasn't  by coincidence we had a prayer rally of multiple races and denominations on the 13th of June, and then an attack in the same city on the 17th. God used Elijah to turn a backslidden people from their wicked ways. Governor Nikki Haley was blasted for participating in this prayer.  Elijah saw a mighty move of God, in 1 Kings 18, and then faced opposition and was threatened with death in  response to his act of obedience to God.   

1kings 18 vs18: "I have not made trouble for Israel,” Elijah replied. “But you and your father’s family have. You have abandoned the Lord’s commands and have followed the Baals.  Now summon the people from all over Israel to meet me on Mount Carmel."

Elijah gathered them to witness who was God.One prophet called on the name of God, and 450 trusted prophets called on their gods. Only one showed up. The ruler's wife was angry her gods did not show up and her prophets were destroyed. She swore by her not so dependable gods that she would kill Elijah. His plan of proving the faithfulness of God did not seem to phase his enemy. This overwhelmed him.

Satanic forces love to do this. After a great high, there comes a great low. Suicides generally come after a great high. South Carolina is being attacked because South Carolina prayed. We are still being attacked because we have not succumbed to the temptation to riot or multiply hate. Outsiders have had to come to instigate. That didn't get us going.  President Obama came and opened racial wounds. Lord help us.

  This racial divide has been fabricated. This is not the first time nor will it be the last that an incident incited a war between countries, families or tribes.  In 64 AD , there was a huge fire in Rome and the  Emperor Nero decided to rebuild in grand scale. He made a huge palace for himself, and people started speculating he had set the fire to justify his building projects. Nero then blamed the Christians to get the eye off of him. Under his rule Christians were tortured and treated horribly, all the while, the common citizen thought his persecution was justifiable because of the  fire that had damaged Rome. Nero understood sacrifice, and passed his city though the fire to further his agenda. Google "propaganda that incited war"


How many times have divorces divided friends, church members and family? How many times has what one bitter spouse said, caused a child to hate the other parent? How many times have rumors been reported as fact and once repeated made the reporter seem foolish or cause for someone to lose a job? We have all been a part of a story like that. This might sound too simplistic in regards to the racial temperature in this country, or like conspiracy quackery, but I know it deep down in my heart.

Why? Because that is not the temperature here. The media has read our thermostat wrong.

Ever go to a wedding and look at the people attending? Most of them have smiles and they came to celebrate with the groom and bride. Now you can pinpoint a ill in-law quickly, but for the most part, people are not holding their breath when the officiate gets to the part of the vows "if anyone has a reason for these two not to marry."  The temperature of a wedding is joyful and strangers feel connected and socialize because of similar aquaintances .

The  temperature here is hot. My community is feverishly trying to reject national news forecast of the South.  We greet each other with smiles, talk in the grocery store, and resist the urge to tearfully embrace and say "we are better than this." We are tempted to look down and not make eye contact in a false sense of guilt, but our Southern self rebels and we say "Hey." We can't help it; that is who we are. The smile in our eyes and ease of conversation defies the National headlines.

Our family has been frequenting the public swimming area of the lake near us. Teenagers come in droves to cool off. They might arrive in one car, and leave in another. They are mixed groups of friends with Hispanics, Blacks and Whites. An all white family isn't offensive to the all black family sitting beside them. Mixed race children play with their white uncle and black cousin. White mothers sit with their best friend that happens to be black while their children play with others. A camper might open up a watermelon and tell their child to go share with the other children. Floats and noodles are passed like common property all the while being thankful we are so far out in the country that wifi might as well be a foreign word. We don't want to look at the news or see our ignorant friend repost a race-baited  Headline or meme on a social network.

I remembered an article that caught my eye for a moment a few weeks back on Forbes. It proudly states "Girl Powered Movies made up 6 of the 10 top films at last weekend box office." Hollywood is making strides, right?  I didn't care about it then, but the vitriol against the south stirred my curiosity. I spent today looking at trailers of movies, and trolled local news websites and national cable networks. I wanted to get a picture of what Liberal progressive Hollywood and National Media had that the South lacked.

I wanted to see if our local media was more racist than the national news networks. I had a laptop and 4 youngins running around, so keep that in mind as I share with you my findings. Here is a    (link)    to the list of box office movies I used along with the others in Forbes. They were the box office films for the weekend of the 29th of June 2015. I looked at the first 43 movies and found that 32 of those films had white lead roles, 5 had black or mixed race (Home) leads, 1 Indian lead and the rest were documentaries.  I didn't count Furious 7 as having a white lead if that makes any difference to you. I count it in the black movies  because Vin Diesel is too awesome to be considered white and the cast is way too diverse to charge them with racial preference. I didn't want that to be counted against Hollywood's record. On the other hand, Aloha, should have counted against them quite a few times. I scanned the trailer and this movie takes place in Hawaii with no Hawaiian characters! Hollywood still holds to racial preferences despite studies showing movies with diversity make more money.

Moving on to the news............

I looked at South Carolina local news stations and some in Detroit where there were 24 people shot and three killed last weekend. This is not an exhausted  list. The call letters for SC are as follows: WLTX WOLO WIS WCSC WCIV and Columbia Fox. Not all the websites were the same, and some were  difficult to navigate, so there could be a possibility of error. Also, some white people look black and vice versa, and I tried to take that in to careful consideration. I added the totals and found  72 white news anchors/reporters and 29 black/others. the ratio is 2.4x as many whites to blacks and that fares a little better than Detroit's WDIV, wXYZ and FOX total of 72 whites and 25 blacks or other with 2.88x as many whites.

I went to gogomag.com for an easier perusal of  National News outlets such as MSNBC, CBS and CNN. Again, I added the totals and found 238 whites compared to 78 black or other and that gives us a little over 3x as many whites as blacks and others.  CNN had 61 male anchors/reporters compared to 10 black males which is 6x more, and they have 70 white women compared to 32 black and other female anchors. MSNBC had 4.8x more whites than blacks and others. Local news affiliates have better track records than National, more prosperous, cable networks. And it seems to me  South Carolina is a little more diverse. Now someone could come in and totally change these finding with a little bit more research. Bottom line: we all can do better, and if you are going to remove our speck , remove your tree!

Who is burning Churches? Who benefits? Not us. Despite all that media would have the rest of the world to know, we are living together for the most part, just fine. Pray for us, encourage us. We aren't going to stop praying.  We are going to continue to going to our churches and public places.  Stop calling the church burnings racist.

Satan knows a house divided cannot stand.