Drinking Koolaid and Worshipping Cows

There is a dangerous trend for audience members in church, social networks, or school cafeterias to adopt and or adhere to the latest trend of a well known speaker. We have a tendency to do this because we doubt our ability to mirror right living. It has ended badly. Ever hear of "Don't drink the koolaid?" This is a warning based on a historical event that caused mass suicides.

I never watched a full episode of the Duggars even though, people talked about it being a Christian family with lots of children. I have six children, so I could not get away from being compared to these people. Now there are people feeling lied to because of the scandal that has made headline news. Women tried to be a proverbial wife like the patient mother of 19. Why? Because they were famous.

Duck Dynasty has faced criticism, because of their religious beliefs. Christians were quick to defend them, without knowing their business model, or private lives. I do not have time to investigate thoroughly the foundation in which  others have built their life on just because they are famous.

It is for a reason that Christians are admonished to live quiet and peaceable lives. We are not to get caught up in vain arguments. The bible says man will fail us, but God will never fail us. So where do we find God? We find him in personal relationship. I have adopted many teachings of Pastors and speakers, and walked shamefully when I could not live up to, or secretly disagreed. I would chastise myself because I must be wrong. I would then repeat the teachings of others to those that needed wisdom. I would utterly become confused when I heard another "likeminded" preacher say something totally opposite of what  I had adopted as truth.

I have found out that the people I personally admire, can stand on their own and defend themselves. I need only share in relationship with others my personal testimony. That keeps me above reproach when someone fails. I don't know Tim Tebow. I don't know what his personal convictions are, and if I spent my life investigating famous people I would not have time to know my own.

I heard someone asking a Pastor what his views were on the lastest news on Joel Osteen. His reply is priceless.

"Not everything needs my opinion."

I am trying to teach myself this. I fail miserably. Aaron listened to the opinions of others, and made a golden calf for the children of Israel. We all have the tendency to do this. I don't want to be responsible for taking anyone back to Egypt because of legalistic teaching, or adding to what God has said.

I would rather be a Jesus flunky to those God has put in my life with love, and testify to his truth that I have applied to my own life. Book recommendations, or other things I suggest are because they benefitted me in some way.

Please don't ask me to make a golden calf for you.