Blue and White Friday


Tweet: Proudly support South Carolina with blue and white tomorrow. Proudly support South Carolina with blue and white tomorrow.

There have been no riots. Thank you Lord! Tomorrow, June 26, 2015 people of South Carolina decided to use social media to instigate a coming together. It's simple, just wear blue and white. Display it on your home. I just looked and there are 35000 that said they will wear blue and white to show support for their home state. Our flag is blue and white. It was also voted the best looking recently. We knew that well before it received national recognition.

In regards to Unity? We were also voted the most hospitable. Division is everywhere. Don't be fooled, but also be willing to celebrate the good while working on the bad. Nikki Haley received a lot of flack for requiring state employees to answer the phone with:

"It's  great day in South Carolina."

This Friday, make it a great day. Smile that some very brave families decided to forgive. They lent the grace of God to a murderer, and to our nation. Find what unites us, not divides.

Donne your blue and white.

Blueberry cobbler with whip cream, anyone?

Connect to your neighbors (even if their dog poos in your yard)

Have a cookout, invite all different colored people.

Have that conversation. Don't wait for  Dr. Phil or Oprah to tell you how to bring Unity in our community. Don't wait for your church to organize a rally. Go be a neighbor. Ask  them about barriers they see.

Pray with others. At the gas pump, checkout line, doctors office, co-workers, wherever, just be sincere and ask their name.

Tell the world that race baiting, and sensationalizing media, has no place in society. Proudly display mercy and peace as you reach out to a neighbor.

If you don't live in South Carolina, help us. Give us time to heal, and be gentle. I am very opinionated when it comes to some of the hypocritical religious junk that goes on in the South, but I do know that the people here are like anyone else in the world. Our only answer is Jesus. He has been more welcomed here in the South than other places in this Nation, and we have overcome in many ways.

The small southern town I live in still supports the faith based community. It has an almost even populace of black and white, and the church I attend is black, white, Hispanic, and has many mixed children. We cry on each others shoulders and wipe each others' snot. There are mud  riding trucks, Lexus, and mini vans in our parking lot on Sunday morning. We decide to come together and cross, racial, and social class.

It is a great day to be a South Carolinian.