14 Non Confrontational Questions to ask Transgenders and Christians

Snoop Dog made a comment that outraged many in regards to Bruce Jenner or Caitlyn Jenner being a science project. He isn't a conservative "Christian" right winged person. Many in the media have made this a LGBT vs Christian debate. That should not be so. Even the churches split over this issue, but what about those that are not a part of the 4% lgbt, or churched group?  What happens when you make the choice to change from one sex to another. This is not to persuade or dissuade, but rather to ask for transparency.  Comments below need to be personal answers  based on personal experience. Not a copy and pasted argument. Replies should be in love, and not bashing at all. Proverbs says, "Even a fool seems wise when he keeps his mouth shut." Thumper said, "If you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say nothing at all."



  1. How much non biased research do you personally put into it, before you can definitively know you are doing the right thing? Can you site the sources?
  2. Where do you go for those yearly check-ups? Colon, Prostate,Pap smears, Mammagrams? (do you have to go to all of them?
  3. With changes in what used to be considered sound  over the counter drugs, prescribed drugs, or surgeries now being pulled, or controlled, do you feel it is safe to alter your body in such a way? Christine Jorgensen's (first American transsexual) death was related to bladder cancer. Do we have enough data to merit this as safe?
  4. Did you personally talk to people face to face, that are transgendered, and those that had a reversal because of  dissatisfaction? Did you interview the family members from both parties?
  5. If you consider yourself because of surgery, as another sex, is it ethical to keep from someone interested in you as a future spouse, that you had surgery?
  6. Heart attack symptoms are different in men than women, if you have an emergency, what do you tell first responders your sex is? What do you fill out on medical inquiries?
  7. What happens to voter registration, passports, and census' after one changes their sex?
  8. What happens to social security benefits, head of household claims for taxes, and federal assistance?
  9. How do your children filter through family medical history or their birth records? Is it ethical to have three or four parents on the birth certificate?
  10. Is it fair to your grandchildren and children to ask them to call you dad after they have called you mom their entire life?
  11. Is it ethical to require children to go into a bathroom with someone that identifies themselves as the opposite sex, when there are sexual predators that will see this as opportunity to exploit the most vulnerable and defenseless of our society?
  12. What happens to those that have had a reversal and or decide they do not want that lifestyle anymore if they want to have help changing their thinking? Should it be criminal to help them?
  13. With such a low percentage of people identifying as trans, bi, is it responsible to ask the government to spend money on this personal choice in healthcare reform?
  14. Is it wise to believe politicians and news outlets that are  exploiting this when they are not invested in your future  consequences/benefits of such a major decision?

To the Christian

  1. Are you willing to testify of your own sexual sin to help validate your view?
  2. Are you investing as much time, research and money in loving those in sexual sin as  you are arguing?
  3. Have you talked face to face with lgbt, to give you a firm understanding how to reach them in love?
  4. Have you considered becoming an expatriate to live where this is illegal? If so, have you considered that because of abortion being legal?
  5. If there is a candidate that is pro-life but for legal same sex marriage, and candidate pro choice but against same sex marriage, who do you vote for?
  6. Do you think that if it becomes illegal for you to marry anyone without marrying also same sex, will you recognize couples that have made a private covenant of marriage as married and not living in sin?
  7. Are  you  strong enough to advocate not marrying and being cellibate if there is risk of children being taken on grounds of religious intolerance?
  8. Is discipleship in place now to equip  and model sexual purity?
  9. Are you willing to lay down doctrinal diputes with other denominations to stand for biblical truths to model solidarity and love to the world?
  10.  Are you willing to publicly rebuke hateful speech that brings a blemish to the church?
  11.  By the same measure you judge, it will be measured to you. Are you just as stern with parishoners that lie, gossip, fight, and drink as you are with lgbt? If not,, what can you do to become more well rounded.
  12. Are your motivations for standing against lgbt grounded in love for the lgbt community and world at large?
  13. Has the church been as intentional at finding the root cause of sexual sin and abuse as it is at blaming? Are the men and women of faith ready to repent publicly to ensure no hypocrisy.
  14. If a transgendered person comes to church, do immediately ask them to leave? what do you do if they repent and cannot afford to have a reversal?