Millenial Mamas and Honey Boo Boo

Dancing is incorporated into our worship at the church I attend. The dress is long flowing silks and the like. The dancers are so talented, their heart so humble. They do not do it to get attention, but to Glorify God and express their love for him. It has brought me too tears and hammered home biblical truths that the most eloquent and articulate sermon could not.

One of the dancers allows the children to dance and teaches them as well. She has a dress code for them. Short... t-shirts and tights are not allowed. She said it is not as much to do with the child's character as much as it is to do with what could possibly be going on in the heart of someone in the audience. They might be struggling with lust, so it is to protect the children and we want our dance to set people free by honoring God and not causing a stumbling block.

There are a lot of dance recitals going on right now and I see pictures of children being posted wearing nothing more than underwear and panties. A picture posted publicly of a vulnerable child in provocative dress and positions is dangerous. I don't care how good or famous the dance program is, if they want to put my child in clothing that suggest breasts that aren't even there, they won't get my money. And the world is NOT going to be viewing her either.

It's called hide and seek .Teach her early that if she shows everything she will be found real quick by even the most ignorant , and they will think they know her heart. But if she is modest, the smart ones will seek her heart not her body. Have you ever seen protesters say, " The way I dress does not give you an excuse to rape me"? There are some sick people on this planet. If you don't agree with me and think it's ok to sexualize your little girl, I hope you at least reconsider posting her pictures online right beside pictures of your house and personal information.
Dance is beautiful . You don't have to be naked to do it.