I would rather cut grass than have my nails did...

If you look at the book of the Beginnings (genesis) you will find that God said,

" It is not good for man to be alone. I will make him a help meet"

Our English language cannot properly translate the weight or intention of the original. She was as one of military support and reinforcement. After the fall, she was told that there would be enmity between her seed and Satan's. Her seed ultimately would crush the serpants head.

It is no wonder that the devil has tried so hard to enslave her, quiet her, and put her into submission. She was a vital tool in the redemption of mankind. Just as Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness, he has taken the woman to the top of the mountain and shown her the glory she could receive if she uses her earthly talents of influence and beauty in a perverted manner. He also questions her identity as a child of God by putting people in her life that cause her to believe she is less than what she was called to be.

Some women refused to accept the devil's lies . Mary chose life and birthed the Messiah. Another group of women supported Jesus' ministry financially. And, another Mary was the first to preach Jesus is risen. Esther risked her life for her people. Abigail rebuked King David and pointed him to the word of God. She obviously did not find her worth in men for her husband would be angry at her actions and David could have easily killed her. She stood on the truth of God. A prostitute was a part of the lineage of Jesus. Joan of Arc. I could go on.

Ladies I encourage you to embrace your femininity(that does not mean start watching Lifetime, or take a knitting class), your talents ,and your worth. Let God use you. Don't be quiet. Proclaim his truth. It is sad that the devil still seeks to deceive women and enslave them. It should be of no surprise that the majority of slaves still held captive today are women and children. lt is because Satan himself knows the power of a beautiful woman and nurturing a generation.  It's not because they are weak or inferior. It  If you have a voice, and the freedom to speak, love ,and give, do so without reservation. God will cause your seeds to bloom.

Thank you Lord for making me a woman. Thank you for making me a mother and sister. Thank you lord for not requiring me to wear a covering on my head or a corset, and calling me the crown of humankind. Thank you for giving me stretch marks and calluses. Thank you for calling me a woman despite my inability to sew, and rebellion to the worldly standards of a woman which change from generation to generation.