I love Men!

I have read enough history to know that many believed a lie, swallowed it hook line and sinker. This lie? It is that all men are pigs, and want women only for their body. Your personal experience cannot trump truth. Maybe there were men in your life that failed you, used you, or abused you, but it does not mean that all men, by nature are the same.

Women and other intellectuals have used this to the detriment of our society. Men no longer e have the ability to take responsibility for their infractions against their seed, and the woman has the "right" to choose to kill it. Some women (not all) decided to "take control" of their life, and be empowered even through their ability to manipulate with sex and or appeal.

"I want your job!" they demand.

"I want the respect you get" they wailed.

"Don't tell me what I can do" they protested.

And now ????

T.V depicts men as lazy, sex crazed morons that need "one woman to do the job that would take 10 men."

You know what I also see? Mothers so proud of their power, they get offended when a concerned man mentions their young daughter needs to wear more clothes. What is her come back?

"You shouldn't be looking!"

I see little girls "shaking that thang" in jazz class and mommy posting the pictures on the internet. Little girls too small to fend off themselves if there was an advance made towards their advertised body.

Insanity! Depravity! Lord help us.

Ladies, for the love of God give us our men back! I love men. They are our protectors. They are our servicemen, and police. They are firefighters, farmers, and builders. They don't have days where, chocolate and pajama pants are the only thing that can fix our emotional roller coaster. They don't ask themselves how they feel about an action that needs immediate attention. They act. They balance us. They are strong. There were men that decided to help fight for , race, sex and religious rights. Not because a woman manipulated and or nagged him into doing it. He had a moral compass that directed him.

Please, please, please, make a phone call, write a note, or give a hug to a man in your life and tell him to never stop being a man.