Unplug on Memorial Day

Sometimes the newsfeeds, and social pages need to be ignored. There is a statistic floating around in my brain somewhere stating the necessity of going camping and unplugging yourself for 24,48, or maybe it's 72 hours. (I told you its floating somewhere) This little tid bit of information said that your brain actually reboots and the benefits are extraordinary.

It is easier for me to love some people if I don't see their drama on facebook or twitter. I can pray for the President much easier when I don't know what he is up to. I have hope for America when I don't read right wing news updates.

The old adage "we can agree to disagree" is near obsolete when first world society is consumed with everyone else's opinion. As much as I would like for you to read my blog, I would much rather you thank a veteran, reboot,and reconnect with your family or community this Memorial Day weekend.  Don't ask the news networks what everybody else is doing.

DO NOT read any drama queens post about how awesome her weekend was taking selfies. Call your dad. Go swimming. Read a book. Plan for summer outings. Unplug before you go back to work on Tuesday.Reflect on what soldiers have done to give us the comforts and rights so many of us have forgotten. Tell a child about those that came before us and died so we could we could live free.

The world and it's updates will be waiting.

What plans do you have for Memorial Day?

Photo by Pictureoftheday/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Pictureoftheday/iStock / Getty Images