Black and White

Scandalous, hilarious, outrageous,and captivating verities all in one blog. This is group therapy for the virtuous mistress, astute flunky and occasional drunk.

In laymens terms, this blog is for the people that are better than what they think, and the the ones that are quick to judge and point a finger.

Does using the word "flunky" in the same sentence with Jesus bother you?

I would suggest getting a good dictionary before attempting to read this blog. While you are at it, get some steel toe boots because I am going to step all over OUR toes.

This blog is very new. I'm learning code, and blogging at the same time. I'm hoping to monetize my habit of putting my two cent on topics that encourage, enlighten, or enrage me.  Yes, you will see google ads, and the like. Have a suggestion? Shoot me an email.

Why write a blog? You can thank my last customer in the food industry.

She said, "I have never had a waitress that could not get it together, like you."